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Inventory Auditing

To remain profitable, you need an accurate auditing trail to verify your physical and financial counts. All Inventory Management (AIM) has designed a unique inventory counting system that can be easily tailored to your company’s specific needs, providing the exact information you need to keep your counts on track.

What can an accurate inventory audit do for your company?

Our Services

SKU Inventory

AIM’s digital SKU Inventory service is a popular method to give you a full SKU-scan of your entire inventory when you need to know exactly how much of each particular product you have in stock. This solution will prove monumental in securing the accuracy of your inventory and profits, providing information on your merchandises observed price, quantity on-hand, product description, shrinkage and fixed capital assets. 

Financial Audit

If your main concern is the monetary value of your inventory and you do not require item level detail, we also provide an affordable service to check only for counting errors and financial accuracy due to shrinkage, giving you a breakdown of these values by specific categories and departments. Whatever type of customizable inventory management solution you prefer, you can depend on AIM’s professional and dependable team of experts to get the job done right. Please call us today and we’ll design the right inventory mangement plan to work within your objective.

Other Services

  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Marketing


We can complete your physical inventory audit in approximately 4-8 hours.

We strive to come close to 99.9%.  As we audit count your assets, you will be able to reconfirm the count immediately.



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